The painter's Rytas Jurgelis maps of consciousness lead to the
subtle territories of Lithuanian poetic abstractionism. In his works
extremely strong meditational roots are felt whereas his tiny
"spiritual homesteads" become one of the oldest and strongest
geometrical symbols- a square. In the eyes of the observers canvas
becomes a marvelous field of hopscotch, mysterious topographical
jigsaw puzzle, at the same time establishing the route/track and
reflecting the footprints of those who had been going by it before us.

According to the artist himself, "My pictures appeal to Feelings.
The core of the picture is color, relationship and the interplay of them.
Seeking new ways of expression. I call my works coded painting.
I paint everything what is close to me: pain, longing, joy and dear people.
It doesn't matter to me what to paint but how to do it"

Rytas Jurgelis was born in 1961. In 1972-1976 he learnt at Siauliai
Children's Art School. In 1980-1985 he studied Art Pedagogics at
Siauliai Pedagogic Institute, Faculty of Art.

The artist has been taking part in exhibitions since 1986.
He has already organized 15 personal exhibitions and has taken part
in more than 40 group projects. His exhibitions were held in Sweden,
Denmark, Latvia. The masterpieces of the painter were purchased by
private collectoners from the USA, Australia, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Sweden

Rytas Jurgelis is a member of Lithuanian Artists' Association (LAA) since 1995